Welcome to Sussex & Surrey – Your Subcontract Brickwork Solution!

“The Complete Package” … or choose any combination of the services we now supply.

  • Labour only
  • Labour and Plant
  • Labour, plant and materials
  • Free scaffold hire period when we supply both brickwork and scaffold

We offer a complete brickwork service from major multi-unit residential site works to smaller projects such as extensions, walls and other related brick projects. We offer a quality service at competitive rates, undertaken by fully qualified bricklayers, supervised by our dedicated management and advisers. We also incorporate a fully operational scaffolding division. We carry a dedicated small works team for domestic works such as single houses, self-build, bespoke home build and extensions etc. We pride ourselves on having a high standard of work, getting projects finished on time and always having a good working relationship with all our customers. It is this flexibility and understanding of construction which provides Clients with the confidence and satisfaction that we at Sussex & Surrey are the right subcontract solution for their brickwork and scaffolding works.

In recent years combined Brickwork and Scaffolding packages have become more common place in the market and we offer such combined packages. When Clients procure combined Brickwork and Scaffolding packages they have the added benefit of a single point of responsibility, ‘a one stop shop’ you could say. A lot of our regular customers use us for both Brickwork and Scaffolding as it can make their job much easier and more cost effective with the added bonus of free hire with our scaffolding. Sussex & Surrey Bricklaying specialises in supplying Bricklayers to the Building Industry and to private customers throughout Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire.

We offer a unique incentive for Contractors to employ SSBS on the basis of a combined brickwork and scaffold package by not applying any hire charges to the erected scaffold whilst only our bricklayers are working on it. Therefore it is quite usual for hire charges to only commence once the scaffold has reached roof level and been handed over for use by others, and in fact internal blockwork may never have hire charges applied if no follow on trades require its use. Dependent upon programme this may result in a saving of thousands of pounds in potential hire charges. The other advantage of the combined package is that we are responsible for our own access and this negates the risk for the Contractor with regards to any potential delays resulting in waiting time charges that may result. The close relationship between our Brickwork and Scaffold Divisions results in quicker response times and a more interactive relationship than the two. However, do not be misled into thinking we only provide scaffold for the brickwork access. We are able to offer a fully independent scaffold service irrespective of whoever is carrying out the brickwork package.

“So whether it is a labour only, labour and mortar only, or full management supply and fix brickwork package you are looking to place, we can provide a competitive brickwork solution for you!”

The range of work we undertake includes:

  • Multi-unit residential sites
  • Major public sector and commercial developments
  • Bespoke home builds
  • Self-builds
  • Extensions
  • Garden walls

We employ the best tradesmen who have the skills and qualifications to carry out the work and can offer the best advice based on their experience in the building trade. We are happy to work from a Bill of Quantities or from Drawings to give you a fixed price for Brickwork Projects no matter how large or small.

Our experienced brickwork team are fully trained and understand the processes, procedures and controls which need to be in place to ensure that all projects are regularly delivered to the required time frame, to the planned cost, to the necessary quality and all within a safe working environment. All staff are trained to the highest standards and this applies to both office and site based staff. As a minimum all operatives must hold the current CSCS cards to work for us.

We will be happy to provide you with a free, no obligation quotation for your building project. Please contact us with your requirements.

Flintwork Specialists

At Sussex & Surrey we can offer a range of services. Our experience & specialist knowledge qualifies us to undertake a wide variety of projects. Our skilled Bricklayers use their experience and skill to take on the style of the bonding to ensure that the Flints match in with local traditional patterns, which makes each and every Flint wall its own masterpiece.

The range of work we undertake includes:

  • New Build
    Using a variety of flints, we build boundary, garden & retaining walls. We also have extensive experience cladding new builds & extensions.
  • Re-pointing
    Essential for the upkeep of flint & brick walls. Pointing is a very specialist skill. It is a very important aspect of the construction of a building, helping to keep water out of the building. We use materials such as lime mortar to extend the life of existing walls.
  • Re-building
    We rebuild, repair & reinforce all types of wall to exceptional standard & to the satisfaction of conservation officers We have expertise in the restoration of old buildings and walls, and have the skills to create new structures that blend giving the appearance of having both age and character.

Chimney Repairs

Here at Sussex and Surrey, we provide a wide of chimney repair and maintenance services for customers in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. We can help with all the following Chimney work:

  • Re-pointing
  • Chimney Removal
  • Chimney Rebuilds
  • Lead Flashing

As specialists, we perform all chimney repair work. One of the most common problems we face is the presence of cracks in chimneys. Over time, normal expansion and contraction cycles occur due to the freeze-thaw effect, which can cause cracks to form its quite common for chimneys to deteriorate with age. Being exposed to the elements, bricks may become cracked and mortars need replacing.

If you are worried your chimney has become unstable, we provide reactive repairs and maintenance. In most cases replacing defective bricks or re-building the stack from a stable point will solve the problem.

Working in conjunction with our scaffolding division, we are also able to offer a professional scaffolding service for all situations, as well as being able to promise a quality service. All work is fully insured and guaranteed.

Chimney Rebuilds

Where repairs are impossible, the last resort remedy is to rebuild the stack from some convenient point – say the top section only or completely from below roof level – using as much salvaged material as possible.

A total chimney rebuild is necessary when it is leaning, severe brick-spalling occurs or the mortar has suffered severe deterioration. This involves completely knocking down the outer layer of brick.

A combination of erosion, acid attack and salt crystallisation are liable to cause a chimney to lean. The BRE Good Repair Guide says any chimney that leans more than 1mm in 100mm is unsafe. This is perhaps a little too cautious and where historic buildings are concerned, one may wish to apply the middle third rule to the shaft wall around the flue. Thus where the shaft wall is half a brick thick, a lean of 35mm could be tolerated, but if in any doubt, consult a structural engineer.

Reasons to Choose Sussex & Surrey

  • Fully-qualified and highly-experienced chimney specialists
  • Fully-insured
  • Local firm based in and serving customers all over Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire
  • Offer all types of chimney repairs
  • Can perform all types of chimney maintenance
  • Offer a complete chimney rebuild service
  • Free estimates
  • Competitive prices
  • No job too small or too large
  • All chimney repair and maintenance work is guaranteed

Below is an illustration of a job carried out on a chimney stack, as you can see the stages from the beginning, raked out, new mortar and repointed.

For professional chimney repairs and chimney maintenance in or around the South-East area, please call Sussex & Surrey on 01243 937876 today.